Rebecca Minten

duo edaphos

The Duo Edaphos (Greek for base, foundation, ground) is a contemporary clarinet duo with Rebecca Minten and Branko Milkota. The two musicians got to know each other in Bern in the class of Ernesto Molinari. They passionately explore and expand the sound worlds of the clarinet.

Program for contrabass clarinet duo ; Äneide ...oder der Schrei aus dem Abgrund

With the contrabass clarinets, they embark on unknown sound terrains with works by Enno Poppe, Georg Friedrich Haas and with new compositions by Hekmat Homsi and Pierre Landy, which were written especially for the duo. To be premiered at Soapbox Festival in May 2023.

In these pieces, the different sound structures of the contrabass clarinet come into their own: the slow, almost static sounds, the overlapping of the sounds of both instruments and the high, concise, virtuoso notes. The result is a concert that can be perceived through different senses.

Program for bass clarinet duo ; Mattia Clera – Attraverso il corpo immobile (2020-22) WP Rebecca Saunders – Aether (2014-16)


Picture by Paola Lepori