Rebecca Minten

tzupati orchestra

When they make the brass roar, the strings vibrate, the winds resound, they have only one idea in mind: to get you to dance!

Heads capsize and hearts inflame, the night is filled with voluptuousness, bodies warm up and everything is united as soon as the first notes are heard. A frenzied gipsy melody, mischievous accomplice of the first feverish dance steps, projects in all directions. This incomparable energy makes the Tzupati Orchestra float above the stage and communicates itself to whoever dares to lend an ear: sweat beads, smiles point and everyone grabs their neighbor to fly away in an overheated ballet of pure happiness with Balkan accents.

The united crowd can then embark on a journey to the thousand corners of Europe! You too can join the Tzupati Orchestra in a gipsy-balkan-klezmer evening of a thousand shades!