Rebecca Minten


The IPSO collective was founded by Rebecca Minten in early 2020, with the aim of exploring the potential of transdisciplinary art through exchange and collaboration. With a non-hierarchical vision of disciplines and the willingness to let them interact freely, IPSO invites its members to explore their abilities out of their artistic comfort zone and to create collectively.
Artistic or linguistic, many kinds of languages are represented. Actors, musicians, dancers, computer scientists, circus performers and sound artists gather to create unforgettable, twisted, one-of-a-kind experiences for audiences and performers alike.
The search for new formats and original interactions enables them to put their individual skills to good use in immersive shows for audiences of all ages.



DOMMAGE DOMMAGE is a multidisciplinary show inspired by the theater piece Evénements regrettables written by Yves Reynaud.
Premiered in Bern, Heubühne Bienzgut 03.02.2024
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inSENSé (2022)

The project "inSENSé", imagined by the ensemble, is a blind walk to encounter sound interventions strategically placed in the old town of the Swiss capital, or elsewhere!
Premiered in Bern, Musikfestival Bern 10.09.2022
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pictures by Annette Boutellier and Martin Obrist