Rebecca Minten


Through its members, the group gathers a wide interdisciplinary range of competences in the fields of composition, contemporary music, theater, electronics and computer science. With all these cards in hand, they are looking for new and accessible concert formats.
I initiated this project to try things out, fail, try again, fail again if needed. I gathered artists who become or already are friends and we think together until we create together. We explore transdisciplinarity to forget whatever is called normality in our disciplines. IPSO is about gathering, experiment, create and have fun. You can join too!


Dommage_final_Social_media Flyer by Marily Papanastasatou


inSENSé (2022)

The project "inSENSé", imagined by the ensemble, is a blind walk to encounter sound interventions strategically placed in the old town of the Swiss capital, or elsewhere! The miniatures exploit and explore different acoustics of the city. Mixed with instrumental sounds, electronic sounds, fragments of text, pre-recorded urban murmurs and and other impromptus, they are your second guide. A close collaboration between the daily symphony of the city and the imagination of the musicians and composers of the ensemble.

Premiere in September 2022 during the Musikfestival Bern

Program :
Matthieu Wenger & Rebecca Minten : «Voix de tramway» für Bassklarinette und Elektronik (2022)
Gemma Raguès Pujol : «Absent bodies» für Stimme und Lautsprecher (2022)
Luz Gonzàlez : «Hallräume» Klanginstallation (2022)
Mathieu Corajod : «Lazzi de bouche» für Bassklarinette (2019)
Rocío Sánchez Gallego : «Emergences» für Saxophon, Stimme und Elektronik (2022)
Martin Obrist : «Leaf Node» Audio-Installation (2022)

IPSO Ensemble:
Rebecca Minten, Künstlerische Leitung, Bassklarinette
Matthieu Wenger, Gemma Raguès Pujol, Rocío Sánchez Gallego, Performance;
Eva Marlinge, Bassklarinette;
Martin Obrist, Luz Gonzalez, Sound Art, Technik

pictures by Annette Boutellier and Martin Obrist