Rebecca Minten

zoom-in festival / «Occam Ocean» (world premiere) by Éliane Radigue

For the past 15 years, the now 90-year-old composer and electronic music pioneer Éliane Radigue has created a large body of works in close collaboration with performers. These compositions, “notationless”, are the result of a creative relationship between composer and performer. Imagery, oral transmission, memory, and a non-hierarchical process are part of her working method. Like in her electronic works, her interest with acoustic instruments lies in the life and nature of sounds, their spectral complexity, internal evolution, and mutual interaction. "What I ask of the musicians is very demanding. It's not about the virtuosity of speed, but of absolute mastery of the instrument, an extreme, subtle and delicate kind of virtuosity." Radigue's Occam Ocean (2011-) is a series of 25 infinitely combinable solos, over 40 chamber music pieces, and one orchestral work. “The idea for this piece was initially inspired by a large mural that I saw by chance in 1973, at the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles. It showed the “spectrum of electromagnetic waves” moving from the largest to the smallest of known measurable wavelengths. It seems in fact that the Ocean with its multiple waves allows us to symbolically be in contact with a rather large spectrum of vibrating undulations, stretching from great deep-sea swells to wavelets sparkling on a fine summer day.

Grosse Halle der Reitschule 7 P.M